The Whole Truth.

Tim and Andrew had been together in the band Why, which fell apart in March 1995. They both continued to jam together and, during the same time, Andrew was also jamming separately with Clint. After a couple of months Andrew decided that they were all made for each other and so the band John Doe was formed.

In September 1995 Brank joined John Doe. He had been the lead guitarist of Why. After about three months of writing and practice Brank left for personal reasons, and John Doe decide to go on as a single guitarist band.

In December 1995 after a lot of auditions and a lot of stress, Adam joined as drummer and John Doe was a four piece.

After nine months of stale work Adam left to join a cover band, and the drummer auditions began again. An ad for a second guitarist was also posted.

In January 1997 Chad joined as the lead guitarist and Alby joined as drummer to complete a five piece lineup.

After almost eight months the band finally played it's first gig, even if it was only a battle of the bands! They also recorded a couple of demo tapes.

After a couple of gigs it was discovered that there was another band using the same name. The Name John Doe is dropped and replaced with Longstretch.

After a handful of gigs Clint decided to leave to pursue other interests.

Alby left in early 1998 citing personal reasons.

Andrew took on the role of vocals as well as guitar until a decision was made about what to do about a vocalist.

In mid 1998, after months of auditions, Luke joined as drummer.

The band decided to stay as four piece, with Andrew taking on the role of vocalist and guitarist permanently. With the line up change came a name change to suit. After long thinks and pages of names, Penyon was picked. The word Penyon probably can't be found in an English dictionary, it's a Spanish word, spelt slightly differently to help people say it right.

Penyon have been playing live gigs as well as recording. The Penyon demo and the Album, Some People, can be obtained from us on CD. You can preview them in MP3 format in our songs page.

Luke left to travel and had his last gig with the band in March 2000, at the Nicholson Hotel.

Once again we were auditioning for a drummer. In not too short a time Robert Hunter was selected as the new man. Robert has been hitting things with sticks since he was a wee lad, and since joining Penyon he has demonstrated a fearsome ability to hurl his sticks around the studio.

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