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Purple Kurse - Why

Andrew has the most experience when it comes to playing in bands, having started his first Punk band in 1990 with some friends. He then went on to form Purple Kurse in early 1991. He has a tendency to flog a band, even after death!

After six months together Purple Kurse recorded a demo and a handful of copies were distributed. Despite the departure of two members of the band it continued on, with Andrew taking over the vocals, and a second guitarist being added. After twelve months at it the band made an amicable split.

After taking nearly twelve months off, Andrew joined the already formed Why as second guitarist. Six months later the line up was reduced to four with Andrew taking over the singing. By the time the band broke up the sound was very much Hard Rock, with a lot of influence from some local Australian bands.

Since Clint left Longstretch, Andrew has taken over the role of lead vocals, and although this originally was a temporary thing, it has now become permanent.

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