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Penyon currently has two CDs for sale - The Penyon Demo, and our new EP entitled Some People. To order, simply specify the quantity of each CD you desire, then press the 'Order' button below.

Some People $10.00

Some People is Penyon's debut EP. It includes the tracks Resolution, My Way, Break Away, Y.P.D. Bikini, Shweet, Sleazy and Bar Girl. All of these can be previewed on our songs page.



The Penyon Demo $5.00

The Penyon Demo is the last demo recorded before the Some People EP. It includes the tracks Break Away, Suburbia, To A Friend, You and Corn Girl. All of these can be previewed on our songs page. Alternately, we can supply you with access to full length MP3 files of these songs. Email us for details.


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