Penyon evolved from the remains of various other bands including, Why, John Doe and Longstretch. After millions of sessions they emerged with a large list of material, some of which, after being edited for decency, was released on an unsuspecting public as "Some People...".

Musically described variously as boy pub rock, heavy guitar rock and outright porno, they are a bunch of young guys writing about what life has thrown before them so far. Some weird shit has been thrown...

Penyon is Spanish for "wall of rock" but they are a bit embarrassed about telling anyone this as it makes them sound like they are taking themselves way too seriously. The truth is that they were looking for a band name and while looking through a Spanish dictionary at a session one night, as you do, found the word and thought it sounded kool. If you want to hear raw, energetic, and honest rock, buy the bloody recording!

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